We’ve refrained from the biggest of spoilers, so hopefully you’ll still have a bit of a surprise in store tonight when ESPN replays the conclusion of the 2010 WSOP.

It’s crazy to think that ESPN turns around this show in just about 24 hours, but that’s more or less what happens. It’s even crazier when you think about what the gap between the last hand of the WSOP and the telecast used to be – around a dozen weeks or so.

Crazy as it may be, it happens tonight on ESPN, starting at 10 PM EST and running through midnight EST.

Watch as the November Nine reassemble and then slowly shed player after player, culminating in an exciting, if relatively brief, heads up battle between two players for the $8.9 million awaiting the winner.

The payouts:

1st Place: $8,944,310
2nd Place: $5,545,955
3rd Place: $4,130,049
4th Place: $3,092,545
5th Place: $2,332,992
6th Place: $1,772,959
7th Place: $1,356,720
8th Place: $1,045,743
9th Place: $811,823

Player name, age, hometown, chip count (players are listed by seat assignment):

Jason Senti, 26, St. Louis Park, Minn., 7,625,000
Joseph Cheong, 24, La Mirada, Calif., 23,525,000
John Dolan, 24, Bonita Springs, Fla., 46,250,000
Jonathan Duhamel, 23, Boucherville, Canada, 65,975,000
Michael Mizrachi, 29, Miami, Fla., 14,450,00
Matthew Jarvis, 26, Surrey, Canada, 16,700,000
John Racener, 24, Port Richey, Fla., 10,050,000
Filippo Candio, 26, Cagliari, Italy; 16,400,000
Cuong “Soi” Nguyen, 37, Santa Ana, Calif., 9,650,000

Review full bios of the NN here.