Tom Hall wins seven-figure weight loss bet. Two Blast Poker jackpots hit on 888 this weekend. Are casinos and slot manufacturers enabling problem gamblers? And more.

Another seven-figure weight loss bet

Tom Hall isn’t well known in the poker world, unless you pay attention to the nosebleed games that take place in Asia. If you do, Hall is a known entity, and known high-roller, with very deep pockets. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that he was involved in a seven-figure weight loss bet (with a few added wrinkles about spending more than $100 on any given item) that Hall won.

You can read the specifics of the wager in Hall’s very detailed Facebook write-up.

The bet brought back memories of the multi-million dollar bet between Mike Matusow and Ted Forrest where only a fraction of the bet was ever paid. The lack of payment seems to have done irreparable damage to both men, as both have fallen on hard times financially in the ensuing years – Matusow has turned into a disgruntled social media poster while Forrest had an arrest warrant issued for outstanding casino debts.

Quick Hitters

– 888’s Blast Poker (a version of PokerStars Spin & Go’s, which are a version of Winamax’s Expresso games) handed out some sizable paydays this weekend, as not one but two 10,000x jackpot games were hit, one in a $5 game and another in a $30 game.

– The latest installment of Marty Derbyshire’s Good for the Game series takes a look at Jason Somerville, the Team PokerStars Pro and Twitch legend, who is now turning his eye towards poker activism.

The Atlantic took a deep dive into the world of casino gambling and what features casinos and game manufacturers are adding to their games that could be leading people down the road of problem gambling. I don’t necessarily agree with the conclusions, but this is a good look at a serious problem that gaming advocates tend to bury their head in the sand when it’s brought up.

– Online poker may be going from dark gray to black in Australia, and this could lead to a number of online gaming operators leaving the market.