Get Paid to Play Online Poker

What is online propping?

Poker Props are players who are hired by poker rooms to start and save games. Prop Teams matches rooms that need games with players who are willing to follow some basic rules in exchange for being compensated by the room. Players do not have to follow any set schedule, can play as little or as often as they like each week, and are generally paid directly into their account at the room every week.

How do I sign up?

Currently the largest prop team with the best online prop offers is at Rakeback Nation. Not interested in following rules? Check out rake back offers where you play how and when you want.

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What’s the difference between getting rake back and being a prop?

First off, rakeback generally pays much less than propping. After that, the only difference is that props have to follow some simple rules and work with a team, whereas players on rake back generally play as they like.

Propping Rakeback
Pay Rate Higher %’s, often 100% rake returned Lower %, generally in the 25-50% range
Rules Props have to follow some basic rules concerning seating and behavior Rakeback players are usually not subject to any special rules
Game Selection Sites that hire props tend to be smaller and have fewer games running at fewer limits Rakeback sites are often major sites with a wide variety of games
Schedule Props do not have to follow a schedule; some sites may require you to play a minimum number of hands per week or month Rakeback players do not have to follow any schedule but may be subject to some minimum hand requirements

Rakeback Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I qualify for any bonuses?
What if I already have an account on the site?
If I multi, do I get paid for all the tables?
I only play NL, do I have to play limit or PLO or non holdem games (etc)?
Can I track what I've made during a given week?
What if I decide I don't want to prop anymore, am I somehow obligated?