California intrastate poker hearings, action in the durrrr Challenge and a Q&A with Annette. Get the full scoop on those and other relevant happenings in the pokerverse for Wednesday, February 10th with the PTP HNR.

Lots of news on the regulatory front. First, the PPA was on hand to testify at a California governmental hearing regarding intrastate poker in CA; check out what the PPA had to say about the issue here.

New Jersey is apparently considering a similar measure; after approving a bill calling for a state referendum on sports betting, some experts think the State will be looking to explore online gambling options soon after, says an article at PND here.

Finally, at least one company thinks the prospects for regulation in the US are bright: UK-based payment processor UC Group announced yesterday that they’ve established a US branch (in anticipation of US clients, one suspects); more from EGR here.

From lawmakers to loose cannons: Isildur1 was back on the felts last night, challenging Dwan in a fairly brief match that left him 454k or so poorer. Some details here. Dwan also had a good night versus Antonius, extending his lead in the durrrr Challenge by $300k+ to a total of $1,392,760.

Speaking of online phenoms, here’s an interview with Annette Obrestad:

The latest installment of the FTOPS gets going today; full schedule here. In related news, Full Tilt Poker, home of the FTOPS, added a new face to their pro roster this week (or readded an old face, depending on how you look at it): Carlos Mortenson is back in red and will be looking to add to his nearly $9 million in career earnings under the FTP flag.

Finally, they play a lot of hands over at PokerStars. How many? The room is set to deal its 40 billionth hand this week. Details on all the associated promos here.

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