juggling_chipsSad news for Negreanu, reflections from Doyle and Begleiter on Bloomberg – it’s our daily summary of the pokerverse, the PTP News HNR for Tuesday, November 24th 2009.

Our consolations, sympathy and best thoughts to Daniel Negreanu, who lost his mother this week after a lengthy battle. Read more in a lengthy post by Daniel over at his blog.

More news on last-minute High Stakes Poker replacements; yesterday we reported that both Andrew Robl and Phil Galfond had been called into action at the 11th hour; now Bluff Europe says that Jason Mercier, he of the white wardrobe, was also a flash sub for the show. Makes you wonder how many people busted quick and left and who they were (we bet Dennis Phillips).

Couple of industry stories of note: driven by their support of the horse racing industry and not the internet pokerz, all of Kentucky’s Congressmen issued a letter to Treasury head Timothy Geithner asking that final rule implementation for the UIGEA be delayed. The slow-boil feud between PIC Club and the Merge Network is escalating, with PIC now publicly accusing Merge of not paying players. PIC head Chuck Kidd, Via Pokerati::”They still owe PICClub 107 thousand dollars and I intend to collect it. Every penny they take from PICClub, they also take from you the members.”

On a slightly more bizarre note, Blond Poker is apparently being booted from the iPoker network due to … wait for it … having too many winning players. That’s according to Blonde Poker head Tony Kendall: “On Friday, BlondePoker Web Ltd received in writing 3 months notice of Termination of our Contract with Aqua/i-poker. The document was a complex one – 15 pages long, full of equations & algorithms, but the gist of it was that, on aggregate, the blonde players are winning players.”

The best online poker MTT recap show has a new episode: watch the Sunday Million recap from 11/22 below:

Wrapping it up: Steve Beglieter suggested he’s unlikely to play much more poker in a video interview with Bloomberg here; Lee Jones talks about strategies for playing in underground games here; Doyle Brunson talks about watching his skills and his game head in directions he’s not happy with here.

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