Today’s tip comes from Jerry “HerschelW” Watterson. Jerry is a long time PTPer and founder of the training site which is now Pocket Fives Training. You can follow Jerry on Twitter at @herschelwpwnage

The Shake Your Head and Raise Tell

One of the most obvious tells that players fail to use to their advantage is what I call the “shake your head and raise tell”. Today I played a hand that’s a good example of this tell. In a straddled pot in a $2-$5nl game it folded to the button who limped, I made it $50 in the SB with AA and the big blind called. The flop came QT5 rainbow. I bet $100 the BB who had already gathered up the $100 in his hands to call(he had them stacked in $50 stacks of red) said, “Aww crap!” and called with a pained look on his face. The button folded. The turn was an off suit 3 turn. At this point I really should have just checked and folded but I married my AA and we got the last $200 he had left in on the turn. When a player says “Aww crap!” Makes a big show of it then calls the flop he virtually always has a big hand. He virtually always has two pair or better. The even more absurd example of this play is when a player shakes his head sighs like he thinks he’s behind then raises. When you read about this tell you’d think it would be obvious you should fold but we all fall for it all too often. In the future when you see the old “Aww crap I raise” Find the fold button if you have anything less than a monster.