What Does Bling Blang Blaow Mean?

“Bling Blang Blaow” is a meme popular with online poker players. The origin of the phrase, which doesn’t have any direct meaning, comes from a post on 2+2 where an online poker player ‘ch3ckraise’ described a ‘song’ he frequently typed in chat after busting an opponent. The lyrics, below: ch3ckraise: BING BLANG BLAOW ch3ckraise: CH3CK […]

What are Steps Tournaments?

Steps tournaments are Sit and Go tournaments offered by several rooms that generally serve as a satellite system for a larger tournament, often a live event like the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. Steps tournaments work on a tiered system – if you do well in a certain step, you generally receive […]

What Does ATC Mean?

ATC is a poker abbreviation that stands for “Any Two Cards.” ATC means just what it sounds like – that, in the situation at hand, a player could be making a play with any two cards in the deck. You’ll also hear people use ATC a lot when discussing tournament play, especially sit and go […]