Cheers PTP, Keep Punching!!

Well it seems like all of the Vegas series have run their course and we are settling down into our online grinds after a pretty meh summer. The experience gained playing this summer will go a long way and hopefully we’ll be back to do some real damage next year. Thank you PTP members, owners […]

More BBQ video Peace out GL Manana

We had great time and AMAZINGLY the our guests crushed the all of the BBQ great job folks! Thank you Parttimepoker for funding the feast. GL to those in the Main and those of us still playing out our BAPS!!

Mega Sat Past and Present (with vids)

Spadeskillz and Threeouts take their turn in the WSOP ME Mega Sat. We plan on heading back tonight, this is a br saver for me and a chance to shoot the moon for Joel. The field was not very intimidating last time and I am going in with some confidence after final tabling a $33 […]