Online Poker and my New Best Friends

My first time playing Online Poker I was first introduced to Online Poker by a couple of good friends, it was the summer of 2001, University was over and as such so was our weekly lads game of cards together with its obvious lewd and crude chat. We were all back home for the hot […]

Why Rakeback is Better Than an Online Poker Bonus

Online bonuses are a great incentive for playing on a poker site. Rakeback is also a great incentive to play. Which one is better? There are arguments for both sides, but here are a few reasons why you might opt for rakeback instead of an online poker bonus.

Part Time Poker Q&A with Greg Raymer

In WSOP 2004 Greg Raymer came out ahead of a field of 2,576 players and became the World Champion. This made the former lawyer a star overnight, and since then he has traveled the world competing in big events and promoting poker as an ambassador for Poker Stars The official Poker Stars biography of Raymer […]

Part Time Poker Interviews Tony G from

Tony G is one of the stars of the online poker revolution. He’s launched several websites, most notably, won some half-a-million dollars in tournament play, and has become somewhat infamous for his lively play and humor at the poker table. The Hendon Mob website calls him “a very aggressive player.” and adds that “it […]

Part Time Poker Interviews Linda Johnson

Linda Johnson has, without a doubt, one of the most recognizable names and faces in poker. Whether it’s for her pioneering work at the table as a successful player, with the pen as an accomplished poker author, or as a businesswoman who was among the first to recognize the potential for poker to grow via […]