Today brings the start of the first $1500 NLHE event of the series. PTP has a few members playing in todays event. Keep an eye out on this article for updates throughout the day.

1200: terrellk11 loses 1/3rd of his stack on the first hand of the tournament in a blind versus blind hand. terrellk had AK and the flop came King high. The action continues to the river where his opponent caught a second pair.

1220: terrellk11 doubles up with 33. The preflop action saw 6 players going to the flop which brought Q53 (two hearts on the board). Terrell bets out and is called by 2 opponents, The turn is a King of diamonds which now puts two diamonds on the board. The river card blanks out and terrell gets all in with bottom set. He is now up to 6500.

1255: terrellk11 is reporting his stack is at 9150 now. This marks the first time in the 2010 series that he has been able to double his starting stack.

1300: terrellk11s hand that got him up to his now 9k stack was when he raised preflop with 97 suited and gets a call from the big blind. The flop comes QJ9. The Big Bling check calls a raise from terrellk. When another 9 comes on the turn the big blind bets out and terrellk makes the call. Terrellk fills up on the river 7 which also brought a spade flush to the board. The flush slowed down the action a bit and his opponent flips over KT for the flopped straight but terrellk’s rivered full house takes the pot.

1700: vedder1980 lost a good portion of his stack when the river brought him a flush but his opponent had a higher flush. Heis down to 4k.

2100: terrellk11 makes a shove of 7200 chips in middle position and gets everyone at the table to fold. Table chatter after the hand had the small blind that though about a min to make the fold stated that he mucked AJ. Terrellk is now sitting at 8200.

2105: vedder1980 is sitting with a stack of around 10k.

2015: Blinds are sitting at 300/600/75.

2200: vedder1980 and terrellk11 have both busted todays $1500 tourney. According to the PTP chip tracker emotivator and msusyr24 are still in todays events. I have tried to locate them in amongst the 400 left but have had little luck.

0100: fulmer08 has made it to day 2 of this event. He has bagged up his chips and has 121,400 to take into day 2, which puts him towards the top of the leaderboard.